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Welcome to our blogshop:)
Feel free to look around.
We're currently holding pre-orders only.
We'll be gald to answer all your enquires,
please email to chocolatexelementz@hotmail.com:)
or simply MESSAGE to 94747667 or 90129328.
Will reply ASAP.
We're friendly if you are too ^^


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[#o1] No Dead Buyers.
[#o2] Please confirm your orders before messaging/emailing us.
[#o3] If you are interested in buying please message us at 94747667 or 90129328 or email me at chocolatexelementz@hotmail.com
[#o4] Please state yourr name,order #,address & choice of payment.(Send consealed cash, or transfer funds)
[#o5] Meet-up available at Yio Chu Kang/Commonwealth/BounaVista/Other*MRT stations for free.
[#5A] Others> Places that we might be passing by.
[#5B] BoonLay-RafflesPlace>$2.50 CityHall-ChangiAirport>$3.00
[#5C] MarinaBay- AngMoKio>$3.50 YioChuKang-JurongEst>$4.00
[#o6] Swapping is allowed if we're interested in your items.
[#07] Strictly no refund* ;)
[#7A] Refund is given only when items are Out Of Stocks.
[#7B] We'll not be responsible if suppliers run away with ur $$
[#08] Postage fee for normal mail will be $1.50 addtional to your item total pricing.
[#8A] Registered posted is strongly recommended. Prices will depends on the weight of the item. It is NOT included in the price of the item(s)
[#09] Colour of some product MIGHT differ from actual product:)
[#10] All items are under the copyright law of Kawaii-Shinigamis